[ltp] ThinkPad 770 suspend/shutdown at random

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Mon, 23 Jul 2001 18:26:45 -0400

As has been relayed, you do need a charged (nominally full) battery to
perform a SETUP upgrade.

Additionally I would confirm you have the correct charger/adapter for this
laptop (early 770, correct?). Using the incorrect power adapter is not
recommended. I also wouldn't recommend a non-IBM unit. I have yet to find
a universal unit that was any good. A sure way to ruin your power system.
My opinion of course.

I suspect you may have a power system problem. Switch(main), power unit or
DC-DC converter. I would lean toward a DC-DC converter. One check is to
see if it will charge a known working battery, which you lack. 

If you can locate a inexpensive battery (find a loaner?) then you could at
least try to update the SETUP util. There isn't a power test in SETUP
which would be nice.

You haven't setup any APM have you? I lean toward the power system problem
and that requires service center work or aces to parts and a schematic. 

Willard E. [Bill] Fullam III

In <B7820E05.27B9%doowirb7@home.com>, on 07/23/01 
   at 05:23 PM, "doowirb7@home.com" <doowirb7@home.com> said:

>[I disabled the cover-closed suspend function in ps2, and since then it
>[has only gone to sleep on me once in several hours of usage (which I'm
>[hoping was just a fluke).  But still very often when I turn it on, right
>[before it's about to check for a bootdisk, it gives a long, low pitched
>[beep and shuts off.  Usually if I let it sit for 20 minutes it'll work
>[again.  I was also thinking it could be a BIOS problem... I tried
>[upgrading it but it says I need a battery (which I don't have).  Does
>[the BIOS upgrade program actually check the level of the battery?  If it
>[doesn't, there's always someone selling a dead battery for the 770 on
>[eBay :-D

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