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Sat, 6 Oct 2001 23:24:52 -0500

     I'm new to the list.  My handle is Noesis.  I run
various projects on the Internet (check my .signature for
more information, if you care <g>) and enjoy using the
operating system Linux (Red Hat and Slackware user).
    Somewhat soon I'm going to need to buy a laptop. 
However, I would not want to install the dreaded Windows
on it, so I began looking at some Linux solutions. 
I know I could go for a lappy not meant for Linux, but I
really don't want to mess with non-supported hardware.
After a trustly Google search, I found that IBM and Dell
will build pre-installed Linux laptops.  Now, to be honest,
I would just format and reinstall myself if I bought anything
pre-installed, but I want to make sure all the gear put
inside is supported (I'm not much for hot rodding things
I need for work ;).  So that is how I came to the conclusion
of Dell and IBM.
    First I looked at Dells website, and found that they
sold the C600 Lattitudes with Linux.  However, no Zip Drive
option, which is not ok.   I'm not much of a Dell fan anyways,
but I wanted to check them out because IBM is so expensive
(..and I'm no Bill Gates).
    So next I went to IBM.  I learned that they sell both
the T and A series with Linux.  However, once I got done pricing
one out, I found that IBM lived up to its expenive reputation.
By the time I got done it was about 2500.  The computer is
the ThinkPad a22m with a pIII 1GHz with 256MB RAM and a Zip
Drive addition.  I only saw non-parity RAM, which was also
interesting.  On a laptop I would probably install Red Hat
because that is what we use at the office. 
    By now you guys are probably wondering what my question
is.  Hah. Well, I am looking for suggestions.  I'm kind of
lost and looking for some guidance.  Linux laptops are not
something I can really read a review about or gets tips on
in anyplace but Linux Laptops .Com or what ever it is (I 
have it bookmarked).  So any help would be appriciated.
IE. Model suggestions, new models I might want to wait for,
things to be careful of, etc.

Excuse my long entry, but I thought it would help to give
some detail instead of asking "What laptop should I get"
like some punk asking "How do I hack?" on an IRC channel. ;)
So, hopefully I did not piss anyone off by my question.

At any rate, have a good night, I look forward to some

Kind Regards,
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