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James Mckenzie linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Sat, 06 Oct 2001 22:32:34 -0700

You might want to look into getting a 600 series laptop on the second
hand market.  Zip Drives are available for this system.
Red Hat should install with a minimum of changes.  Instructions are on
IBM's web site.

If you are looking for new, a T23 would be the system of choice.

James Mckenzie

Noesis wrote:

> Greetings,
>      I'm new to the list.  My handle is Noesis.  I run
> various projects on the Internet (check my .signature for
> more information, if you care <g>) and enjoy using the
> operating system Linux (Red Hat and Slackware user).
>     Somewhat soon I'm going to need to buy a laptop.
> However, I would not want to install the dreaded Windows
> on it, so I began looking at some Linux solutions.
> I know I could go for a lappy not meant for Linux, but I
> really don't want to mess with non-supported hardware.
> After a trustly Google search, I found that IBM and Dell
> will build pre-installed Linux laptops.  Now, to be honest,
> I would just format and reinstall myself if I bought anything
> pre-installed, but I want to make sure all the gear put
> inside is supported (I'm not much for hot rodding things
> I need for work ;).  So that is how I came to the conclusion
> of Dell and IBM.
>     First I looked at Dells website, and found that they
> sold the C600 Lattitudes with Linux.  However, no Zip Drive
> option, which is not ok.   I'm not much of a Dell fan anyways,
> but I wanted to check them out because IBM is so expensive
> (..and I'm no Bill Gates).
>     So next I went to IBM.  I learned that they sell both
> the T and A series with Linux.  However, once I got done pricing
> one out, I found that IBM lived up to its expenive reputation.
> By the time I got done it was about 2500.  The computer is
> the ThinkPad a22m with a pIII 1GHz with 256MB RAM and a Zip
> Drive addition.  I only saw non-parity RAM, which was also
> interesting.  On a laptop I would probably install Red Hat
> because that is what we use at the office.
>     By now you guys are probably wondering what my question
> is.  Hah. Well, I am looking for suggestions.  I'm kind of
> lost and looking for some guidance.  Linux laptops are not
> something I can really read a review about or gets tips on
> in anyplace but Linux Laptops .Com or what ever it is (I
> have it bookmarked).  So any help would be appriciated.
> IE. Model suggestions, new models I might want to wait for,
> things to be careful of, etc.
> Excuse my long entry, but I thought it would help to give
> some detail instead of asking "What laptop should I get"
> like some punk asking "How do I hack?" on an IRC channel. ;)
> So, hopefully I did not piss anyone off by my question.
> At any rate, have a good night, I look forward to some
> responses.
> Kind Regards,
>         -Noesis
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