[ltp] 560X and serial port for modem problems

Shawn Koons linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Mon, 15 Oct 2001 03:01:06 -0500

I cannot get ttyS00 working on my TP560X. I have installed tpctl 
3.0pre1.tar.gz and can't seem to figure it out.

I have dual booted and have Win98 (yuck), which tells me that the modem 
(an external serial port type which worked well on other linux boxes) is 
on irq 3. BTW, I have installed PS2.exe but can't seem to get it to work 

dmesg tells me that the ttyS00 is on irq 4.

I am running RH 7.1

I am not a linux aficionado by any means and have read so much that I am 
now thoroughly confused.

Can anyone help me out with some dodo-proof, step-by-step instructions. 
I am drowning in a sea of information.

Thank you in advance.


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