[ltp] Display issues - 760XL

Vivek linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Fri, 26 Oct 2001 15:31:11 +0100 (BST)

On Fri, 26 Oct 2001, Jim Redmond wrote:

> *At default resolution, the desktop runs off the edge of the screen.
> When I move the cursor to the edge of the visible part of the desktop,
> the display scrolls so I can access whatever's over there.  Also, the

Yes, this is how X behaves when your virtual resolution != real resolution.
Chenging the order of the specified modelines, or specifying the modeline
you want (if it isn't specified and you are using a built in default)
will alter this behaviour, as will setting the 'Virtual' config option,

> *When I adjust the resolution, using Ctrl-Alt-keypad plus, I can make it
> display the whole desktop; however, it appears fuzzy, as if it's unable
> to synchronize vertically.  On a standard desktop monitor I'd tweak the

It's a laptop - an LCD screen actually has only one resolution - each pixel
is actually represented by a single dot-element-thingy (technical term :)
on the display, unlike a CRT, where you typically have a much higher density
of phosphor dots than you do of pixels. Thus, laptops have a hardwired max
resolution, and can only really display smaller ones by using a smaller
portion of their screen - some laptops get around this by having special
hardware that 'smears' the display out when the logical pixel display
boundaries don't match the physical ones, but as you note, this results in

> vertical size and/or position, but if I have such options on the 760XL
> I'm unaware of them.

> *If I use Ctrl-Alt-keypad plus one more time, I get a painful flickering
> black-and-white screen.  That setting hurts so much that I never stop
> there but continue on to one of the other flawed settings.

Probably a mode your hardware can't actually cope with. Remove it.

> As I mentioned, I'm no expert, but I suspect X-Windows is having issues
> with my hardware - I can replicate this in IceWM, twm, and WindowMaker.
> However, I can't be sure, since I'm still unfamiliar with XFree86

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