[ltp] Display issues - 760XL

Jim Redmond linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Fri, 26 Oct 2001 09:16:33 -0500

Hi.  New to this list, new to Linux installation/administration.

I've installed Debian (potato) on my Thinkpad 760XL without too much
difficulty - made the Rescue and Root floppies, inserted the CD, etc. 
However, when I start GNOME, I'm having bizarre display issues -

*At default resolution, the desktop runs off the edge of the screen. 
When I move the cursor to the edge of the visible part of the desktop,
the display scrolls so I can access whatever's over there.  Also, the
display seems to be tiled - whatever's at the top of the screen is
duplicated at the very bottom.
*When I adjust the resolution, using Ctrl-Alt-keypad plus, I can make it
display the whole desktop; however, it appears fuzzy, as if it's unable
to synchronize vertically.  On a standard desktop monitor I'd tweak the
vertical size and/or position, but if I have such options on the 760XL
I'm unaware of them.
*If I use Ctrl-Alt-keypad plus one more time, I get a painful flickering
black-and-white screen.  That setting hurts so much that I never stop
there but continue on to one of the other flawed settings.

As I mentioned, I'm no expert, but I suspect X-Windows is having issues
with my hardware - I can replicate this in IceWM, twm, and WindowMaker. 
However, I can't be sure, since I'm still unfamiliar with XFree86

Any suggestions?

Jim Redmond

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