[ltp] Re: faxing via onboard modem in Thinkpad A22p?

Dirk Husemann linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
29 Oct 2001 16:38:37 +0100

>>>>> "l" == linux-thinkpad  <linux-thinkpad@merctech.com> writes:
    l> => 
    l> => Efax is supposed to support class 1, the problem really lies with the
    l> => modem SW it seems (I'm stumbling over the same problem), as soon as

    l> By "modem software", I assume that you mean the ltmodem driver, not efax. I 
    l> upgraded to the the latest version of ltmodem (6.00b4), and the problem 
    l> persists.

Yeah, same here.

    l> => you issue the +FCLASS=1 command the modem will shy away from
    l> => dialing. Dialing normally works just fine... 

The ltmodem list was too helpful so far. 

    l> Yes. I can consistently reproduce the error from efax and from communications 
    l> terminal programs that let me connect to the modem directly (minicom). The 
    l> modem responds correctly until you go into fax mode, then dialling immediately 
    l> fails. The speed of the error response is independent of:
    l> 	the number being dialed
    l> 	the presence (or number) of leading commas (telling the modem to pause)
    l> 	the setting of the modem S6 register (how long to pause before dialling)
    l> 	the efax "-oz" option (to pause 100ms for each "z")
    l> this seems to indicate to me that the content of the dial command isn't being 
    l> examined, it immediately generates an error.

    l> I don't have access to the modem outside Linux, so I can't confirm what a 
    l> successful dialling process would be.

I'll give it a try (my system is still dual boot) this week sometime.

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