[ltp] Some problems with RH 7.1 on TP600E

Robert Virding linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Fri, 14 Sep 2001 09:58:13 +0200

I am resending this as I got no answers before and they are needed.

I have just installed RH 7.1 on my TP600E after having run 6.1
sucessfully for several years.  As yet I have done no modifications
and run it straight out of the CD.

Everything seems to wokr but there are some issues still remaining:

1. I had IrDA port running perfectly with the help of a wonderful
little mini-HOWTO written by Till Straumann.  Things seemd to have
changed now (new modules), however, and I wonder if it is still
relevant?  Or has someone written something better?

2. It will not resume after being suspended!  This is irrespective of
whether I am running X or not.  It goes down wonderfully but never
comes up again.  This is really a nuisance as I turn away and come
back to find the TP suspended.

Can someone please point in the right direction so I can fix these
problems?  Thanks for any help.


P.S. One problem I have in general with RH now is that you seem to
lose even more contact with configuration files and are forced to
configure through tools.  While I have nothing against config tools I
think it is a BIG WIN to be able to hack the config files directly, at
least knowing where they are and how they are used.  Now there little
snippets here and there and no information what should be in the

One example is handling PCMCIA ethernets cards which didn't work
correctly out of the box (inserting and removing the card).  After
reading the HOWTO, however, there were no problems.  Now it works out
of the box but there are some features of the old which I can't seem
to do in the new.  Sigh!

Enough grumbling!

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