[ltp] Problems installing Linux on ThinkPad i1300

Geert Janssen linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Fri, 14 Sep 2001 10:10:02 -0400

Dear Madhusudan Singh,

I have installed RedHat 7.0 from CDs on a TP iSeries 1300.
Obviously that box doesn't have a regular floppy drive but optionally
comes with a USB floppy that is not (yet) supported by Linux, hence the
kernel on the bootable CD doesn't find it. I guess it needs a so-called
kickstart file that controls the installer "anaconda". The problem I had
was that the CD wouldn't even boot, so I had to use a boot floppy. No problem,
except that after loading the floppy images at the time anaconda takes over
the running Linux kernel can no longer access the floppy where it tries to
find the KS.CFG file. My solution was to tell the loader at boot time where
to find that file, using the appropriate option to LILO something like:
(see the BootPrompt-HOWTO and KickStart-HOWTO or search for "ks=" at the
RedHat site www.redhat.com)

   boot: linux ks=hd:hda1/ks.cfg

So my solution basically consisted of moving the necessary files from the
floppy (or CD) to a (small) Windows partition and supplying the boot command
line arguments that point to it.

Hope this gets you going...


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