[ltp] A21m and Hibernation

Boris Zentner linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Thu, 14 Feb 2002 09:53:51 +0100

Hi Cameron,

Am Dienstag, 12. Februar 2002 13:23 hast Du geschrieben:
> Hello, I just got InfraRed working, yeh!
> Now, my next problem that's been plaging me for a wee while now, is
> hibernation. I have prepared a partition for lphdisk, and formatted it
> according to the documentation. (How do I know the machine has detected it
> for RediSafe???)

Let your Computer go into Suspend, then your HDD will flash for a while. Then 
you are in Suspend, with already done hibernation. (RediSafe on)

> Anyway, the darned thing won't hibernate for me, it standbys and suspends
> fine though, which is nice, but it doesn't hibernate.
> I think this is due to the thinkpad modules. Let me demonstrate...
> glissarok:/lib/modules/2.4.17/kernel/drivers/net/irda# tpctl --H
> tpctl: SMAPI BIOS error 0x91 ("system is invalid") -- exiting.
> <<in kernel output on console, and in dmesg>>
> smapi: SMAPI BIOS return codes differ!
> This is using the latest released code from tpctl.sourceforge.net. Has
> anyone been able to get this working???

Yes, it works fine for me. Have you created the special file

/dev/thinkpad? with:   mknod --mode=664 /dev/thinkpad c 10 170

> Thanks heaps.
> Cameron Kerr

cu boris

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