[ltp] Thinkpad 600E and Mandrake

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> Hi,
> New here, so hope you'll forgive if this is a silly question.
> I have a 600e Thinkpad (366/128MB/6.5GB) and have installed Mandrake 8.2
> It was fine to install and is all working, except for sound and the modem.
> I found the modem driver that IBM made, and built it, but kept getting an
> error trying to load it.
> I just don't know with the sound - I had SUSE 7.3 on and the sound worked
> for MP3 and WAV, but
> CD's wouldn't play, and I couldn't get my network card to work, so I
> installed Mandrake.
> Same problems but network works and no sound at all.

Partial answer.  I have installed RH6.2 and then replaced it with RH7.2.
The CD worked fine with RH6.2 and intially with RH 7.2.  Something happened
one evening.  Now no sound comes out when I try to use the CD ROM for
playing audio CD's.  After delving into the Sound HOWTO, I discovered that I
can get the audio to work by entering "modprobe SB".  But that only works
until I power off.

I believe that this problem has been addressed on "ltp" several times since
I have joined and the usual answer is to disable APM.  But I haven't figured
out how to do that.

> Question remains - can I get the Modem to work, and can I get sound to
> The alternative is that I just put Win2000 on so that everything works out
> of the box - but I'd rather stay the OSS route as the licence for 2000 is
> expensive.

The Modem-HOWTO refers to a mini-HOWTO: ACP Modem that specifically
addresses the IBM Thinkpad 600+.  I haven't gotten there yet so I can't say
how much help you will find there.

I am dual booting with Win98.  And I am able to go on-line using that OS.



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