[ltp] Getting full hostname from DHCP

Edi Weitz linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
13 Jun 2002 00:36:35 +0200

One more thing: I realize this is not a Thinkpad-specific, but at
least it seems to be a typical laptop question, so I'll try it anyway.

I'm using DHCP at home as well as when I'm visiting customers of mine
and it is started with the -H option to set the hostname of my
laptop. However, no matter where I am I only get the first part of the
hostname, i.e. 'bird' instead of the FQDN 'bird.agharta.de' for

This isn't a problem at home because my domain is in /etc/resolv.conf,
but it is a problem when I'm not at home, especially for apps like
Apache or Postfix which seem to rely on fully qualified hostnames.

Any ideas how to fix this? Is this a problem of the DHCP server(s) or
is it related to my set-up?


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