[ltp] Thinkpad A31P and Various Distros

Vidyut Luther linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 23:51:23 +0000 (CST)

Hello all,
 I have the newest IBM A31P with the 64MB FireGL card. I was wondering if 
there are any other kindred souls out there, who have installed anything 
besides Redhat 7.3 on the machine ? I installed 7.3 on it after getting 
partition magic and repartitioning the 60 gig drive, and giving 20 to 
Linux, 20 to a FAT partition so I could share my docs and mp3s on that 
drive, and 20 gig left to XP (I've already destroyed the hidden partition 
it came with.. backups are for sissies :)). Either way, I was wondering 
what kind of mileage people are getting.. 

I even bought the IBM UltraPort camera, which was running fine with the 
ultra port connector until recently, now it only works via USB and only in 
XP. The redhat kernel will not recognize the camera.. atleast not when 
it's on the ultra port connector on top of the LCD. But since this is an 
accessory, I won't dwell on it too much.

My question is with the Prism2, mini-pci wireless card that's built in.. 
The stock kernel that ships with redhat does not support this card, but 
the drivers for it are in the 2.5.X series, so currently I'm running 
2.5.19 which recognizes the card and can be used for wireless 
connectivity.. but only for 1 day. After that something wierd happens to 
the card, and it won't work until I reboot the machine.. I'm about to send 
this "feature" to the guy who maintains the kernel driver.. and will 
report back on my findings. 

I was wondering if anyone else had any better luck ?

Is there a list of thinkpads and different models working under linux ? if 
so, I guess we could add the A31P to be working for the most part with 
Redhat 7.3. 

The video card and LCD are detected perfectly, I've sent 
Mike Harris of Redhat the output of certain commands he asked me to run, 
so the next version of X from Redhat should have a more descriptive 
driver..currently 7.3 detects it as the M7 card, which is the dev spec 
name. Even DirectX shows it..as an M7.

Vidyut Luther
Linuxpowered, Inc
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  -- Bake Timmons

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