[ltp] Power drainage on T21

Andrew McMillan linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
25 Jun 2002 21:47:54 +1200

On Tue, 2002-06-25 at 20:54, Christophe Zwecker wrote:
> I gota T21 and everything works pretty nice, with rh73. I wish
> hotswapping floppy and cdrom would work, but I guess its not so easy.
> I wonder how long the battery is supposed to last, I only get like 60
> mins, I have an additional battery for the ultrabay which gives me
> another 60 mins about.
> I thought the battery is supposed to hold for at leasr 2 hours ?

I think it should last quite a lot longer.  I have an 18-month old A21p,
and the battery lasted around 3 hours when it was new.  It has dropped
considerably now and I am getting a new battery since I think this one
is basically stuffed - I only get 1.5 hours max now.

> any ideas ? the cpu gets clocked to 166 mhz (from 700 , its a PIII)
> Other thing: It doesnt get clocked to 700 again when I put the notebook
> on AC power again, or does cat /proc/cpu display the info wrong ?

Not sure abou that.  I only ever boot when I am on AC power to try and
limit the side-effects of speed changing (last booted on 23rd May) and I
see no change in /proc/cpuinfo regardless of whether I am connected or
not - I assumed it was calculated at boot.

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