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27 Jun 2002 13:42:52 +0100

[Resent since first copy seems to have been caught by me sending from a
different address]

On Thu, 2002-06-27 at 04:52, David Margrave wrote:
> Does anyone here have hibernation working?  What's the performance 
> like with 296 MB RAM to save/load?

With 512 it takes what seems like for ever to stop/start.  I guess its a
little over a minute.

> How have you got your partitioning set up,i.e. whch partition is /, 
> /boot, and the DOS FAT16 partition?  I recall that DOS wants to be one
> of the first if not the first, or maybe that was only if you were 
> setting up win NT, and you had to hide any other partitions that would
> be before it.

I started from the base W2K install, then used Gnu parted (boot floppy
version) to shrink the single initial partition to a few GB.
So the DOS FAT32 partition is hda1, a small /boot on hda2 and everything
else (which is only root + swap) in extended partitions.

I then got the IBM boot floppy (can't remember the exact title of it),
and used that to make a hibernation file in the DOS partition.

I am expecting shortly to shrink the DOS partition to 600M or so and
remake the hibernation file - since I need to format windows off to do
that change.  This means other partitions will move... and I'll probably
trash my laptop :-/

No problems in using this at all.


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