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McCoy, Brig C. linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Fri, 28 Jun 2002 13:58:52 -0500

These are actually generic suggestions which should be okay for nearly all 
older batteries... newer batteries don't have as much of a problem with 
'charge memory' as the older ones... if you didn't fully discharge the 
older batteries, they'd get messed up and gradually not take as much charge 
over time.


At 02:45 PM 6/28/02 -0400, Tony Willoughby wrote:
 >Are these proper procedures for any Thinkpad, or are they specific to
 >the 600?  I have an 390E.
 >> Yup thats exactly what you need the 600 is very good at killing batteries
 >> particularly if you use them plugged in all the time....
 >> Some tips (to late now) for prolonging the life of it.... Remove battery
 >> when it has been charged....
 >> If its going to be unused for a while, keep battery in a discharged state.
 >> When using the battery run it down fully before charging it back up
 >> again... Ie don't plug is as soon as you get access to a power socket...
 >> wait till its almost dead...

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