[ltp] Re: Serial Console Install, update

Dirk Husemann linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Thu, 07 Mar 2002 11:48:43 +0100

>>>>> "AB" == Adam Benjamin <aebenjam@opentext.com> writes:

    >> 2) The IBM web site has some serious accessibility issues for the visually 
    >> impaired. I spent hours searching for ps2.exe but all I found was something 

    AB> My sympathies - I have a co-worker who is blind and a master of all
    AB> things electronic (he's really quite amazing - he even does his own
    AB> soldering) but from time to time I have to eyeball things for him.
    AB> Especially the odd graphics oriented site.

Just to let you know: I've sent a note to the IBM accessability people
(yes, there are people within IBM looking after these issues) --- I
won't hold my breath though...


    >> 3) Anybody have any other ideas on what might be wrong? Any other suggestions?

    AB> I know this is a check/egg issue, but sometimes I've clued into
    AB> problems using tpctl.  It let me know that my com port wasn't enabled
    AB> or on.  (In my case it was disabled due to conflicts.)

Have you tried disabling the infrared port? Some ThinkPad (stupidly,
IMHO) have as default infrared enabled and serial disabled. Adding
insult to injury, so to speak, just enabling the serial port won't do
the trick because as long as the infrared is enabled it will clash
with the default setting of the serial port. What I had to do to get
this sorted out was to first disable the infrared port, then enable it
for a different address setting, and then enable the serial port.

Again, sorry about the poor web site IBM has in place --- if it is any
consolation, I find it hard to navigate even though I'm not blind...  

             kind regards,

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