[ltp] T40 forward/back keys in Mozilla

Jon Solberg linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 08 Dec 2003 12:56:40 +0100

Jacob H-A wrote:
> My T40 has these two blue forward/back buttons above the cursor keys.
> I've found them really useful, but I found it surprisingly difficult to
> map them properly in Mozilla, so I'm providing instructions if anyone
> else is interested.  YMMV.
> Background:
> According to http://www.mozilla.org/unix/customizing.html#keys,
> you can bind keys using either XUL or XBL.  Unfortunately there
> seems to be no working command for "Forward" or "Back" under XBL.
> Instead you have to use XUL, and the only way to bind keys with
> XBL appears to be modifying /usr/lib/mozilla/chrome/comm.jar.
> First, add the following lines to your .xmodmap to map the special
> keycodes to keysyms F19 and F20:
>   keycode 234 = F19
>   keycode 233 = F20
> Next, unpack comm.jar:
>   unzip /usr/lib/mozilla/chrome/comm.jar -d /tmp
> Edit /tmp/content/navigator/platformNavigationBindings.xul and add the
> following two lines under the <keyset id="navigationKeys"> section:
>   <key id="goBackKb2"  keycode="VK_F19" command="Browser:Back"/>
>   <key id="goForwardKb2"  keycode="VK_F20" command="Browser:Forward"/>
> Repack comm.jar and move it back into place:
>   cd /tmp
>   zip -rD0 comm.jar content/
>   sudo cp --backup comm.jar /usr/lib/mozilla/chrome/comm.jar
> Restart Mozilla and you should have working Forward/Back keys.
Another way, which is probably easier, of accomplishing the same thing 
is to use an external program like Xhkeys. It makes it possible to map 
the back/forward key to another key combination for at specific program 
(or mouse gesture/launching of a program for that matter). I've had it 
working perfectly with Mandrake 9.0 and my R30 but alas, on 9.2 it 
doesn't seem to work at all so it's not a foolproof solution.

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