[ltp] scsi_read error

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Wed, 10 Dec 2003 14:09:47 -0500


when ripping or copying music CDs the CDR/DVD drive of my T40 (237344U) stops 
after a while (~80% of a music CD copied). I used different front ends for 
cdrdao / cdparanoia (grip, k3b), and cdrdao in the command line, and I 
realize that at some point (again, always after reading most of the Cd w/o 
problem) the drive starts producing errors like this, one after another: 

scsi_read error: sector=221777 length=1 retry=5
                 Sense key: 2 ASC: 4 ASCQ: 1
                 Transport error: Device busy
                 System error: Device or resource busy

the strange thing is that I can eject the Cd, reload it and the ripping 
continues without more errors (but I get a second of silence in my file...). 
Also I can copy w/o error correction (much faster, thus I assume that the 
errors have to do with time elapsed while reading???), and listen to CDs 
flawlessly (but I am not sure the computer plays the same way that rips...). 

Anyone had a similar experience or know how to solve this? I am using Debian 
installed in the HD from Knoppix and upgraded to Sid.

Thansk a lot!