[ltp] Linux, kernel 2.4.22-ac4/2.4.23 and IRDA

Steven Haigh linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 12 Dec 2003 02:38:59 +1100

Hi all.

I've just found this group, and hopefully, I can ease my frustration in
trying to get some features working on my Thinkpad 600X..

I've tried just about everything I can think of to get the IR working.
I've heard mention that the -ac series of patches fixes support for the
Thinkpad IR, so have downgraded the kernel from 2.4.23 to 2.4.22-ac4,
but with no success.

>From the research I have done, apparently the Thinkpad 600X IR is
supported by the nsc-ircc module, and is supposed to have the
dongle_id=0x09 option when insmod'ed, however, when I do this I always
get this error:

Dec 12 02:32:18 localhost kernel: nsc-ircc, Found chip at base=0x02e
Dec 12 02:32:18 localhost kernel: nsc-ircc, Wrong chip version ff

Now, running 'findchip -v' gives me:

[root@localhost root]# findchip -v
Found NSC PC87338 Controller at 0x2e, DevID=0x0b, Rev. 2
    SIR Base 0x2f8, FIR Base 0x2f8
    IRQ = 4, DMA = 3
    Enabled: no, Suspended: no
    UART compatible: yes
    Half duplex delay = 0 us

The 'Enabled: no' part makes me a bit sus, however I'm assuming (and
maybe incorrectly) that this will change to 'yes' when I can get the
module to detect the IR port, but I haven't been able to find anything
to confirm this.

I have played with tpctl and the Thinkpad module, but am not currently
using this, as I couldn't see any major benefit in using this over not
using it - as APM, suspend etc seems to work fine - the only issues I
have is IR...

Has anybody got IR working properly on a Thinkpad 600X? What are the
experiences with other thinkpads and IR?

Steven Haigh
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