[ltp] Request for more info on LCD-b0rked 600E

UncleDuke linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 12 Dec 2003 20:45:06 -0500

> A few weeks back, I mentioned a ThinkPad 600E whose display turned red and
> then hardly visible.  I checked that the video board isn't the problem by
> connecting to an external monitor, which works just fine.
> His seller refuses to address the problem.
> I understand there to be two easy things I can do to fix it:
>    * Reseat the LCD screen; hope that fixes it.
>    * Test if it's the inverter; if so, replace it.
> Someone mentioned the 600E maintenance manual.  Is that available online
> as a PDF, for example?

Yes, go to the IBM website, go to support.

> How do I reseat the LCD?  I have no idea even where to poke what
> screwdrivers to open the chassis.

More than poking, you gotta split the case to get at the connector in the
chassis. But to check the LCD connections inside the panel, just remove the
screws, and the edging is then removable.

> Secondly, how should I test if the problem is the inverter without first
> buying the replacement?

That is the only way. You could try checking voltages going to the cold
cathode tube and see if something is there. I don't know the voltages for it
though. From the sound of your problem it sounds like the tube went. The
tube is really only a florescent bulb. I've replaced enough of them to know.
If you are going to replace the LCD(which is where the tube is located, and
you cannot replace just the tube... thanks IBM!) make sure you get the
matching panel, apparently there are 3 different panels on the 600E's and
are not interchagable(but I could be wrong). You will have to also spilt the
case to disconnect the LCD ribbon cable inside the laptop.