[ltp] movies of what's going on on my screen

gustavo linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 15 Dec 2003 12:16:46 +0200


 Again is me.
  I was try vnc2swf, but is alway open a window with nothing and record 
it.  My host is r40, therefore I use a next command:
       >vnc2swf -start recording out.swf r40:1
One window is opened, but I want no it. I only want a make a movies of 
what's going on on my screen (My be the problem
is that vnc2swf was designed for make a movie from a remote host and not 
for a local).

   Marius GEdminas told me about some package   called rfb that give 
some server called  xOrfbserver, I didn't find nothing
   Other people told me about Gimp, but I only find there the 
possibility of take frames from a movie, also I see on the On line
 Manual that exist the possibility of make a movie  from some pictures, 
but I didn't find this options in my Gimp (version 1.2.5).

   Finally, now I use ImageMagic (import function) in order to make a 
set of pictures from my screen, but I don't know how make a movie from
theme (animate only simulate a movie, but didn't make it),  Do you know  
how Make a movie for a set of pictures (jpeg on my case).

  Thanks a lot.

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