[ltp] movies of what's going on on my screen

André Wyrwa linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 15 Dec 2003 12:07:33 +0100


>   I was try vnc2swf, but is alway open a window with nothing and record 
> it.  My host is r40, therefore I use a next command:
>        >vnc2swf -start recording out.swf r40:1
> One window is opened, but I want no it. I only want a make a movies of 
> what's going on on my screen (My be the problem
> is that vnc2swf was designed for make a movie from a remote host and not 
> for a local).

One option:
You go and start a VNC server (locally), connect vnc2swf or vncrec or
whatever with that VNC server, accept the little window opening and just
launch the whole environment you want to make the movie of on the VNC
server, meaning that you'll see it inside vnc2swfs window.

The other option:
You try hunting down xOrfbserver, which might turn out to be a
challenge, at least if you are looking for sources. However, there are
some 0.6.1 rpm packages of RFB lurking around in the net, you can find
them through google and they include xorfbserver.

(If anyone can point out where to find its homepage and sources that
would be great, since www.hexonet.de is gone and www.hexonet.net seems
not to host the files.)

>    Finally, now I use ImageMagic (import function) in order to make a 
> set of pictures from my screen, but I don't know how make a movie from
> theme (animate only simulate a movie, but didn't make it),  Do you know  
> how Make a movie for a set of pictures (jpeg on my case).

Read "man ImageMagick" and "man convert".