[ltp] T40 Mouse Behavior

xeo_iwakura linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 29 Dec 2003 23:40:15 +0100

Dan Borello wrote:

>I am using 2.6.0.  It seems that the mouse acts differently depending on
>if it was booted with a USB mouse or not attached.  
>Normally I have my logitech mouse attached and it works great, and the
>touch pad works great.  The stick doesn't work at all, but that doesn't
>bother me.
>If i don't have the USB mouse attached the touch pad and stick both
>work, but oddly.  In looking in dmesg something is mentioned about a
>synaptics device, which isn't present when I boot with the USB mouse
>attached.  When I use the pad this way it is very hard to use.  It
>moves, but not the way one would expect.  It is very hard to hit buttons
>and such.  If you just touch the pad and pick up with out moving the
>mouse moves to the right.  If you do this in windows it does not so I
>know it isn't a hardware problem.  
>Also when I try to insert a usb mouse after boot nothing happens, it
>doesn't work.  I guess that could be a module problem, I can look into
>Does anybody have any idea why the touchpad behaves differently?  An
>insight is appreciated.
Oy ~

In 2.6 stable the synaptics drivers is compiled by default.
I had the same problems.

In your kernel add
Device drivers->Input Device support->Event Interface

And install the synaptics drivers for xfree

Gook luck