[ltp] (another) tpctl

Nils Trebing linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 30 Dec 2003 01:25:43 +0100

Ari Saptawijaya wrote:

> there was no problem with the installation, but these
> special buttons (volume and brightness) still do not
> work. at start up i saw that tpctl has also been
> started.


> what could be the reason for these buttons to be not
> working properly?
> FYI, originally knoppix 3.3 (the one i used) came with
> kernel 2.4.22. those special buttons (so far volumes
> and brightness buttons) worked properly, and after
> using kernel 2.4.23 (i tried this to get ACPI works,
> and it is working), those buttons do not work anymore.
> what should I check to get it work again?


AFAIK you must say "y" or "m" to "CONFIG_NVRAM" when configuring your
kernel to get these buttons working. Perhaps it's already compiled as a
module in your kernel, and you can simply do a "modprobe nvram" do
enable it. I also use the Debian package "tpb" which provides an on
screen display when these buttons are pressed. I don't know though if
these buttons are supported on a R40e; I own a R40.