[ltp] Suggested models?

Bjorn Knutsson linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 31 Dec 2003 16:06:31 -0500

On 31 Dec 2003 16:49, Marius Gedminas wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 31, 2003 at 02:04:49PM +0100, André Wyrwa wrote:
> > And did anyone experience sound problems with T3x or T4x models? With
> > the T23 you will have only crappy sound support, while you'll be happy
> > with the chips built into the T20 through T22 models.
> What's crappy about T23 sound support?  I've not problems with ALSA.
> Is it crappy because you need ALSA and cannot make do with sound drivers
> available in standard kernels?
> I'm very happy with my T23 running Debian.  The only downside is its
> video (S3 with no 3D acceleration, and no Xinerama) and the fact that
> being an older model, my T23 does not have newer features (USB2, builtin
> WiFi/Bluetooth, FireWire although so far I've never missed FireWire).

Well, some models of the T23, like mine, have built-in wireless. It
works pretty well for me. I've never had any use for accelerated 3D,
but I guess that's a chicken-and-egg problem.

Actually, my biggest problem with the T23 is that I upgraded it.

I used to run RH7.3 upgraded to RH8.0 (which is *not* the same as a
clean install of RH8.0), but decided to upgrade to Fedora Core 1 when
it came out.

The Fedora Core 1 kernel completely hoses suspension. In >50% cases of
suspening, you hear this omnious metallic click from the harddrive,
and when resuming, it works fine up until that point when it needs to
access the drive, at which time the system locks up. I found a partial
workaround was to, when you bring the system back from suspension,
immediately request hibernation via Fn+F12. This would sometimes clear
whatever the drive problem was, hibernate, and then you could often,
but not always, wake it up. (Logs says it lost the interrupts for the

Now, if you compile your own kernel, it works just fine. However,
doing *this* hoses the db4-support, because the default Fedora kernel
apparently plays some tricks with threads and whatnot.

So, it's a rock and a hard place.