[ltp] a newbie struggling with LILO

Herbert Szumovski linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 08 Jan 2003 10:30:48 +0100

I still would strongly recommend to use Grub instead of LILO.
Not only you would not have had this problem, it's a lot more
flexible, and you only need to install it once, not every time
when you compile a new kernel. It also allows you to boot 
manually or do other correction tasks in a small shell,
if you have some mistake in the configuration file, or messed
up your partition table. Because of all it's advantages most
major distributions use it already in their latest versions.

At 01:03 08.01.2003, Katsumi Matsumoto wrote:
>Thank you all for the suggestions.  
>I was able to boot linux from the RH installation CD in resuce mode.  The 
>problem appeared to be the parameter "linear" in lilo.conf.  Typing 'lilo' 
>gave me an error message about "device 0x0306" exceeding "1024 cylinder 
>limit".  While I did not understand this (will investigate), I changed 
>"linear" to "lba32" following the suggestion that accompanied the error 
>message, and I was able to install LILO successfully.  I now have a dual 
>For the record, someone suggested that perhaps I "recovered" Windows AFTER 
>installing linux, thereby clobbering LILO in MBR.  However, this was not 
>the case.  I did Windows first then linux.
>Anyway thanks everyone.
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