[ltp] Usernet, Kppp and Internet Connections

Buchan Milne linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 08 Jan 2003 16:17:18 +0200

Frank Roberts - SOTL wrote:
> Hi All
> Thanks for all the help in the past. 
> As one can tell I still from this posts have several major internet issue 
> which I hope someone will be able to help with. 
> Question 1
> In RH before 8.0 there was a program called usernet which one could configure 
> so that one could log on the the internet by either modem or by network 
> (obviously not both at the same time). 
> In Mandrake 9.0 this program does not appear to exist or if so not under that 
> name.
> Would anybody know the new name of the program or the name of the replacement 
> program?

What you could do (and what I do on a network served by a single
Internet connection sharing box) is install mserver and kmasqdialer (for
KDE). Both are in Mandrake 9.0 contribs. I have an RPM for gmasqdialer
(gnome equivalent, gnome2 version wasn't available when 9.0 shipped).

Thus, ensure you have a contrib urpmi source:

# urpmi mserver kmasqdialer
# service mserver start
$ kmasqdialer

(there may be one or two smaller steps that need to be done)

By default mserver shares out ppp0, so if 'ifup ppp0' works for root,
you're in business.

But, on my own Thinkpad, I currrently use kppp ...

If you have windows or linux machine behind it, you could have them dial
your modem out too ...


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