[ltp] Hibernation on A30, again *sigh*

Matthias Posseldt linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 18:03:56 +0100

On Thursday 16 January 2003 09:49, Tino Keitel wrote:
> I own an A30 without a floppy drive. I have spent 3 days now to get
> suspend-to-disk working, without success.

I own a A30p.

> I installed ps2.exe, but to
> my surprise, I can't create an hibernation file anymore (ps2.exe
> hfile), like it could be done on my 765.

You need a special tool called stndalhd.exe. It can create a hibernation 
file on a FAT filesystem.

> Then I installed windows 2000
> _just_ to get the ThinkPad Configuration Utilities working. However,
> the option in the Power Management section to create an hibernation
> file was missing. I downloaded the stndalhd.exe, but I had to install
> vmware to use it, since a floppy drive is needed to extract the files.

You need DOS to extract it. I used FreeDOS to boot and use it, while I 
unpacked it with Windows 2000, I think (can't remember, though).

> When I run phdisk.exe, it first complains about too less disk space,
> (my A30 has 384 MB RAM installed and the partition was just formated
> and contained 580 MB) and when I tried it on a larger partition, the
> hibernation file was created.

AFAIK phdisk.exe is for Phoenix BIOS only and not compatible with the newer 

> I rebooted, and my 20 GB linux
> partition was trashed, so I think that DOS can not handle such a bug
> hard drive correctly. I reinstalled Linux and tried lphdisk, without
> success.

Had no problem using FreeDOS. But I'd rather not try to run those programs 
in an emulation (bochs or vmware), but rather in native mode. stndalhd.exe 
needs to access the bios to set some information there about the 
hibernation file.

> So, what should I do to make hibernation work? I have a 580 MB
> primary partition at the very beginning of the hard disk, so I think
> there should be no problems. I saw an hibernation utuility for windows,
> but this does not support W2K, only 98 and NT. Do I relly have to
> install a Win98 _just_ to create the hibernation file?

Try stndalhd.exe with FreeDOS (which you can download as ISO image, burn 
and boot). I tried hibernation one time and was rather disappointed. With 
512 MB RAM it takes quite a long time to recover just to see XFree locked 
up. But it's a nice animation while waking up. Booting into Linux and 
starting XFree lasts no longer subjectively (? is this a correct English 
sentence ?).

I have no problems with sleep mode, only the sound output is muted so that 
I need to change both Master and PCM channels to get back sound output.

Ciao, Matthias

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