[ltp] Hibernation on A30, again *sigh*

Jan Frey linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 00:45:29 +0100


> I own a A30p.

Me too.

> > I installed ps2.exe, but to
> > my surprise, I can't create an hibernation file anymore (ps2.exe
> > hfile), like it could be done on my 765.
> You need a special tool called stndalhd.exe. It can create a hibernatio=
> file on a FAT filesystem.

I used phdisk.exe... worked just beautiful (twice!!) for me.
I extracted IBM's files on another PC and created a bootable CD.

> > When I run phdisk.exe, it first complains about too less disk space,
> > (my A30 has 384 MB RAM installed and the partition was just formated
> > and contained 580 MB) and when I tried it on a larger partition, the
> > hibernation file was created.
> AFAIK phdisk.exe is for Phoenix BIOS only and not compatible with the
> newer TPs.

It worked for me. See above.

> > I rebooted, and my 20 GB linux
> > partition was trashed, so I think that DOS can not handle such a bug
> > hard drive correctly. I reinstalled Linux and tried lphdisk, without
> > success.

Be cautious: IBM's website mentions _not_ to select "hibernation=20
*partition*"... But I'm quite certain, that you tried to create a file..

> Try stndalhd.exe with FreeDOS (which you can download as ISO image, bur=
> and boot). I tried hibernation one time and was rather disappointed.
> With 512 MB RAM it takes quite a long time to recover just to see XFree
> locked up. But it's a nice animation while waking up. Booting into Linu=
> and starting XFree lasts no longer subjectively (? is this a correct
> English sentence ?).

I'm using hibernation several times a day, with 384MB RAM. I couldn't
live without it anymore ;-)
Regarding XFree you'll have to apply the Radeon-Patch by Charl Botha.

> I have no problems with sleep mode, only the sound output is muted so
> that I need to change both Master and PCM channels to get back sound
> output.

No problems with sound here... I'm using plain kernel audio drivers.

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