[ltp] [acpi & r31 & suse] Help for another newbie

A. W. linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 19 Jan 2003 13:14:28 +0100

My problem is, that my machine simply does not turn off, when I shut 
down Suse Linux 8.1. It's the R31 by www.nofost.de : 2656 AAG. The 
screen gets black, you see the mouse, but it is frozen. Pressing 
"Ctrl+ALT+Del" effects a restart after a while, but there is no way to 
get the machine turning off on itself.

The parallel W2k-Installation is able to do so, it shows, that I have an 
ACPI - Machine. But SUSE does not even see APM. So I cannot use the 
battery indicator, too.

As I am a realy newbie here and with Linux, I ask for detailed 
instructions how to fix it. Maybe there is help by IBM? Didnt find 
anything till now. "Xapm" has no effect, either.

Thanks for helping me and sorry for bad english,