[ltp] Help for a newbie

Fekete Gabor linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 19 Jan 2003 11:15:35 +0100 (NFT)

Ok! Thanks for the helps.
I have my ethernet card working at last (I just had to
recompile the pcmcia-cs).

BUT! My sound card plays mp3s in slow motion. Arrrrrgggh! :(
Under win98 it works right.
I have these settings :
 /sbin/modprobe sound dmabuf=1
 /sbin/insmod ad1848
 /sbin/insmod uart401
 /sbin/insmod cs4232 io=0x530 irq=5 dma=0 dma2=1 mpuio=0x330 mpuirq=5

I wonder if it could be the problem, but I load these modules during boot
time with an rc init script in /etc/init.d after pcmcia.

What can be the problem?