[ltp] Sound drivers for my 380ED Laptop

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Thank you Charles

Well I'm using Redhat 7.2 and as you pointed out, I've tried the 4232
driver, infact my windoze is using the 4232 driver and it works fine. I'm
using an IRQ=5 ,DMA=01 , DMA1=00, I/O= 5x300


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> I am a Linux newbie and please, tell me to to enable my Crystal Sound
> card on an 380ED Thinkpad. I have recompiled the kernel about the four
> times with no success, please tell me how to enable this sound card.

It'll be easier if you give us a little more information - such as what
distribution you're using, what drivets/settings you've tried, etc.  With
just about any modern distribution, you shouldn't have to recompile the
kernel at all to get your sound to work.

The correct driver for the card, assuming it's the same one as is in the
380XD, is the cs4232 driver.

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