[ltp] T30 - RH8: Docking station blows away my mouse wheel (also Port Replicator)

D. Sen linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 07:54:40 +1100

To get the mouse working through the USB port on my port replicator, I 
have to go through the following cycle everyday:

1) Connect the laptop to the port-replicator and bring it out of 
suspend/sleep mode

2) Disconnect the mouse from the port-replicator's USB port

3) Type 'modprobe -r usbmouse'

4) Reconnect the mouse to the port replicator's USB port

5) Once in a while I have to switch back to a virtual terminal 
(cntrl+alt+Fx) and back to X (cntrl+alt+F7) to get the mouse working on 
X again.

Its a hassle, I would ideally like to avoid but I havent found a way 
around it yet. I have thought of adding 'modprobe -r usbmouse' to my apm 

Whil Hentzen wrote:
>>The wheel does not work when you connect it to the ps2 port of the docking
>>station because you are expecting a normal 3 button mouse there (e.g.
>>normally the built-in mouse) and not a 5/7 button intellimouse.
> Hmmmm, bummer, bummer. Guess I'll have to call up IBM to see about
> getting a new docking station.
> So if I configured the PS2 port to see a 5/7 button intellimouse? Do you
> know which of the two mice - mouse0 or mouse 1 - in my etc config?
> Neither of them make much sense to me....
> Whil

D. Sen,