[ltp] Trackpoint/ R31/ Mandrake 9.1

Wolfgang Ritzinger linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
19 Mar 2003 22:23:52 +0100

in the most cases you have an battery applet or something else running.
this does not work with the r31 (broken apm-bios implementation?)

i had the same too and with removing the applet everything was ok

hope it helps

On Wed, 2003-03-19 at 18:08, Olive Barnes wrote:
> I have installed Mandrake 9.1 on my R31.  I am new to Linux so have not 
> fiddled around with it.  However my trackpoint keeps going off for a 
> little wander around the screen.  Usually it goes up to the top right 
> hand corner, apparently acts on a right click to give me a menu which I 
> did not want.
> Anyone able to tell me how to fix this, in plain speak please.
> Olive
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