[ltp] T30 and Dockingstation

Pam Huntley linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 23 May 2003 13:10:13 -0400

>>Interesting how IBM's policy on that has changed over the years.
>>Used to be that IBM published its BIOSes in nice big books full
>>of commented assembly code.  *sigh*
> I assume you're talking about the old PC/XT and PC/AT technical
> manuals?  That was back when IBM developed its own BIOS code, so it
> was up to IBM under what conditions the BIOS could be released.....
Nope, as recently as the Thinkpad 600....(5 years ago?), IBM released
detailed documentation/code of its BIOS....tpctl (by Thomas Hood) was
developed, I believe, using this info....

I believe a lot changed in the ThinkPad systems with the introduction of
the T,A and X series.  I'm not really sure of all the details, but I think
if they could, they would release the BIOS info.  Certainly the hardware
team has been very helpful in providing info on other parts of the

And of course, that's all my own opinion, and not indicative of any IBM
stance on anything, official or otherwise.  *sigh* I should just ask the
lawyers for a blanket sig...