[ltp] Enterprise Linux WS 3 vs. Fedora 0.95?

Brig C. McCoy linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 03 Nov 2003 21:03:16 -0600

When my notice came today that RH 9 support dies 30 Apr 2004, I downloaded 
and tried to play with the latest Fedora 0.95 (severn) beta on my TP 600x...

md5sums matched, but when I ran mediacheck it said two of the three discs 
were bad. Damn, re-burned them. Fail again. Hmmm.

Dropped them into another computer (non-laptop), both discs pass mediacheck 

Checked the release notes for Fedora 0.95 and noticed the very last kernel 
note: "The laptop mode support present in previous test versions of Fedora 
Core has been temporarily removed due to reports of data corruption on some 
IDE disk drives. If the cause of this issue can be found (or laptop mode 
cleared of any role in the corruption), it will be re-enabled in a 
subsequent Fedora Core Test 3 update kernel."

Don't know if this is actually a reasonable cause, but the darn CD-ROM 
drive's been reading everything else okay, and just read a 300MB file okay.

So, for now, the question becomes "Is anyone using RHELWS 3.0 on a TP?"

(I figure it's too much to hope for someone using it on a 600x. :)


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