[ltp] can't access DVDs with xine

André Wyrwa linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 04 Nov 2003 22:45:39 +0100

> > > must have had a 1.0rc0b4 or such. Downloading 1.0rc2 now.
> > 
> > Funny, my gcc segfaults while trying to compile this.
> time for mplayer i think :)

Actually it's libavcodec that makes gcc crash. I think it's time to
update my bit outdated gcc - only hope I don't have to upgrade glibc as
well then. ;)

However, mplayer compiled fine, but brings the same error. I'm going to
try scsi-emulation now and I read something about that there might be a
firmware problem. I'll see.

Can anyone make a real statement about the advantages and disadvantages
of xine, mplayer, ogle and vlc? Don't want to have redundant packages on
my system.

So far I understand that mplayer as well as xine can use win-dlls, that
ogle is a good thing for video, but doesn't have a plugin system
comparable to former two and that vlc is optimized for streaming.
It also seems to me that mplayer has more features and a better backend
than xine, but what I like about xine more is that it's plugin concept
seems to be more open and that the mplayer people are more of the
reinventing things twice kind (even though their reinventions might be
better in some fields).
Am i wrong?


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> 	Michael
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