[ltp] FS: New Thinkpad-like external keyboard

Dimitris Kogias linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 06 Nov 2003 11:07:55 -0800


I'm game for one.  Where are you located?  I'm in San Francisco.


Andrew Moore wrote:

> I have two new Unicomp "Mighty Mouse" keyboards.  I bought these recently 
> and then ended up selling my desktop systems so no longer need 
> them.  They're almost identical in look and feel to the great keyboards on 
> the old Thinkpads.  They have integrated "eraser head" trackpoint device, 
> and two mouse buttons built into the lower edge of the keyboard.  Color is 
> black.  These are new/unused.  Price at Unicomp is $109 plus shipping, will 
> sell for $60 each.
> For product info: http://www.pckeyboard.com/surfer.html
> --Andrew