[ltp] graphics board for docking station - recommendations?

André Wyrwa linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 06 Nov 2003 20:53:23 +0100


I'm going to buy a pci graphics card to put into the thinkpad dock ii
and use for enabling multihead for my t23 under linux.

Since I can still use the internal adapter as well, it doesn't need to
have dualhead support on it's own, but it would be a nice gift since
then i could even use 3 displays.

So far I spotted three card types of interest:

1. Matrox G400/450 PCI
2. ATI Radeon 7000/7500/8000
3. NVidia GeForce 3/4

Since I have a rotateable LCD display as external I'd like to have X
screen rotation support and since there is no DRI support in the savage
driver I'd also like to have that.

So the question is which chip is supported best. I heart good things of
all of them. Nvidia seems to have the native driver advantage, but I
don't like that it's binary only.

Radeon seems to be the one with the most rapid development (or is that
impression outdated?). And the drivers man page at the xfree86 pages
doesn't say anything about a rotate feature even though googling
suggests that it's there.

And Matrox seems to be a little wonder thingie, but more expensive than
the other two.

I'd be glad about some recommendations, experiences (good and bad ones).