[ltp] X30 audio-out noise and high-pitched humming

Karl Trygve Kalleberg linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 7 Nov 2003 11:53:11 +0100

Hello list,

my X30 recently started emitting a high-pitched humming shortly after
starting to boot, more specifically it appears to start humming as the 
linux kernel (2.4.22-aa1) is loaded. 

I run it in framebuffer mode, using the i830 driver. 

Also, when the sound card driver (snd-intel8x0) is loaded later in the
boot, the audio out is very noisy.

Using alsa to mute the master volume and/or pcm (everything else is muted),
doesn't change anything. The laptop mute-button turns off the noise, though.

Further, the high-pitch humming halts momentarily when changing virtual 
desktops, whereas a short burst of very light static is emitted to the audio

The only two things I have upgraded lately is the kernel and the drm drivers
for xfree (the i830 video graphics driver).

This is a recent development, and appeared not long after I upgraded to
2.4.22-aa1, however, my instinct tells me it's more a hardware bug.

Any similar experiences?

Kind regards,

Karl T