[ltp] 2.4 kernels, R40 2272GCU, pcmcia and RAM > 512MB

Luc Lefebvre linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sat, 8 Nov 2003 13:52:27 -0500


I have been struggling for a couple of weeks trying to get pcmcia to
work on my new Thinkpad R40 model 2272GCU.  With the help of Libranet
support (a commercial debian based distribution) I was able to narrow
the problem down to having more than 512MB of RAM.

If I use the laptop with 512MB of RAM and kernel 2.4.22 (vanilla + ac4
patches) I have pcmcia functionality but (as others have pointed out)
autorecognition at insertion does not work (cardctl insert 0, and
cardctl eject 0, work).  I tried with 512Mb + 256MB and no dice, the
same with 1GB.

I then tried kernel 2.4.22 with no pcmcia support and pcmcia-cs modules
(v3.2.5).  There, I need to restart pcmcia after boot with a card in the
slot.  Subsequently card insertion and ejection are autorecognized and
the cardinfo and cardctl work as expected.  This applies to 512MB of
RAM.  This also fails with more than 512MB of RAM.

Anyone have suggestions as to how I could correct for this, or where I
should address this question if this were not the appropriate forum?

Anyone have experience with 2.6 kernels or other patches on 2.4?