[ltp] 2.4 kernels, R40 2272GCU, pcmcia and RAM > 512MB

Frank Schaeckermann linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 11 Nov 2003 10:35:48 +0100

I have had a similar problem with my T40p with 1.5GB memory and came 
across this article:


which solved the problem for me! I can't use any binary kernel on my 
T40p due to this - but what is Linux about if not doing a kernel compile 
every once in a while *grin*

Regards, Frank

Luc Lefebvre luc.lefebvre-at-mcgill.ca |Linux on ThinkPads| wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been struggling for a couple of weeks trying to get pcmcia to
> work on my new Thinkpad R40 model 2272GCU.  With the help of Libranet
> support (a commercial debian based distribution) I was able to narrow
> the problem down to having more than 512MB of RAM.
> If I use the laptop with 512MB of RAM and kernel 2.4.22 (vanilla + ac4
> patches) I have pcmcia functionality but (as others have pointed out)
> autorecognition at insertion does not work (cardctl insert 0, and
> cardctl eject 0, work).  I tried with 512Mb + 256MB and no dice, the
> same with 1GB.
> I then tried kernel 2.4.22 with no pcmcia support and pcmcia-cs modules
> (v3.2.5).  There, I need to restart pcmcia after boot with a card in the
> slot.  Subsequently card insertion and ejection are autorecognized and
> the cardinfo and cardctl work as expected.  This applies to 512MB of
> RAM.  This also fails with more than 512MB of RAM.
> Anyone have suggestions as to how I could correct for this, or where I
> should address this question if this were not the appropriate forum?
> Anyone have experience with 2.6 kernels or other patches on 2.4?
> tia