[ltp] T41 success?

Carl Nygard linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
08 Nov 2003 16:20:14 -0500

On Sat, 2003-11-08 at 12:43, Jeffrey Taylor wrote:
> I am looking at buying a T41 (2379DJU).  Has anyone had any success or
> failure on this model?
> The key hardware, IMHO is:
> ATI Radeon 7500 (1400x1150)
> Intel PRO/Wireless Network Connection 802.11b
> If necessary, I could cough up the extra $99 for the Intel
> PRO/Wireless 2100 mini-PCI.  The Cisco card is just too much extra
> money.

I just saw that linuxant has some wrapper system for wrapping Windows/XP
drivers, that's the only way you'll get the Intel (Centrino) wifi to

The Cisco card works, with the airo_mpi driver by fabrice bellet, see
his web site.

You can search the archives, you should find plenty of info on your
hardware, just expect it all in relation to T40.

Carl Nygard <cjnygard@fast.net>