[ltp] Thinkpad T40p and Debian

Greg Meyer linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 10 Nov 2003 08:24:30 -0500

On Monday 10 November 2003 08:00 am, Arno Willig wrote:
> Hello!
> I am new to this mailing list, so please don't be angry if I ask
> questions which has already been discussed.
> I am running Debian/Unstable with Kernel 2.4.22 on my Thinkpad T40p and
> have some problems. Maybe you can help me.
> - My X isn't very accelerated (glxgears says 26.667 FPS, fullscreen)
That sounds about right for the free driver.  I get 75 with the ATI Catalyst 
driver on my T41.  Do you have dri enabled?

> - The middle trackpoint button does not work.
Known issue.  Supposedly there is a driver from synaptics, but I have not 
checked it out.  Fabrice Bellet gives some info here:


> - ACPI seems not to work very good. (But at least battery status works)
Same here but I do not even get battery status.

> - How can I control CPU Speed?
I use cpufreqd.  Set up policy in cpufreqd.conf and you can either set it 
manually by writing to /proc/cpufreq or cpufreqd will autodetect change in ac 
power state.

> - What about suspending/standby?
I am not interested in this so I cannot answer.  Icauses more problems than it 
is worth in my estimation.

> - Is it possible to use the TVout with Linux?
I think with the Catalyst driver from ATI.

> - Is there anything useful to do with the TCPA chip?
Don't know, but I think there is someone working on an open-source driver

> Thank you very much,
> Ciao,
> Arno
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> Arno Willig <arno@pflanzenbestimmung.de>


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