[ltp] T30, Cisco wireless, RH8

Whil Hentzen linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
10 Nov 2003 15:37:38 -0600

Hi folks,

Having a few moments... I finally dug out the Cisco wireless card that I
added to my T30 order this spring on a whim. Plugged it into the bottom
of the box and now I'm trying to get it to work.

I've gone through the messages for the past six months, and see a number
of references to Benjamin Red's and Fabrice Bellet's work on a new GPL
driver. I don't think I'm quite there yet.

1. I plugged in the hardware and connected the two miniature connectors.
2. I turned the machine on - works and boots fine. Connects to the
network via my regular wired network connection, etc.

3. In System Settings | Network, I clicked on the Hardware tab and added
the CiscoAironet card, configured as eth1 (no other changes, like IRQ.)

4. Then I clicked on the Devices tab, added the card again, named it
'eth1', set the mode to "Managed", and kept everything the same (e.g.
Network Name: Auto).

5. I tried to activate the card via the "Activate" button in the main
Network Config widget. It tries for about 30 seconds and then comes back
with a failure message (no details.)

I was hoping that the card would at least activate w/o the driver
business. And, in my dreams, that the thing would work without having to
mess with recompiling - I'm going to be putting SuSE and Mandrake on
this box over the next couple of weeks, and REALLY don't have the
resources to try to do anything more than flipping a few switches in a
config file.

Am I outa luck?