[ltp] R40 sound questions

Benjamin Weste Pearre linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 14 Nov 2003 13:56:19 -0700

Hey all, and thanks for the encouragement to get an R40.  It's great
exercise!  :)

I'm running Debian unstable on it.  Two questions:

1) The sound quality isn't amazing.  I know that this is to some
   degree to be expected, but has any of you compared the kernel
   sound driver to ALSA on this machine?  Which do you prefer?  I'm
   using kernel right now, and I'd rather write and ask your opinions
   than install alsa on spec :)

2) I can't seem to record sound when I plug a mike into the red jack
   and tell the mixer to record from "mic" (or any other input).
   Known problem?  Known solution?  Should I play with it some more?
   Back to trying ALSA?

5) Aha!  There are THREE questions: any modules I need to unload to
   get it to awaken out of hybernation?  The USB and PCMCIA modules
   refuse to unload; is that my problem?  Is there a list of the
   "known-dangerous" modules?

Thanks much!

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