[ltp] Problem booting with Fedora Core 1

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Sun, 16 Nov 2003 13:59:00 -0800

I have Fedora Core 1 installed on a T40p. Install went extremely easily and
everything (resume, X, etc.) worked for a day. I then had the machine hang
during boot. It hangs just after starting pcmcia (I imagine it is starting
cardmgr). Just after starting pcmcia I get a message about Socket status and
Yenta IRQ list and then it just hangs. It doesn't appear to be a hardware
problem since I can boot XP fine.

I also am having difficulty going into interactive mode during boot. I type
"I" and get into interactive mode about one time in 10. When I do and then
don't start pcmcia the machine boots fine. I can then start pcmcia and
everything works.

For the interim I have turned off pcmcia with chkconfig and am just staring
pcmcia after boot (I am using an orinoco wireless card. I haven't yet
attempted to install software for the internal wireless.)

I have two questions:

  1. Has anyone else had this booting problem?
  2. How does one get into interactive boot reliably during the boot sequence?

Thanks in advance and for all of the useful info on this list.


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