[ltp] ACPI on T41p

Christophe Saout linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 17 Nov 2003 14:59:27 +0100

Am Mo, den 17.11.2003 schrieb Arno Willig um 11:55:

> In this mailing lists some problems of ACPI on T40/T41 were discussed.
> However for me it seems to work pretty good. (At least for battery
> readings)

On my T40 ACPI is working fine too, without the USB host controller
driver loaded even suspend to ram works perfectly, suspend to disk
worked while installing, it doesn't now, probably only a small problem
(X or loaded modules, dunno). And after resuming the acpi events stop
working, hmm (recognition of sleep/power/lid buttons), not too serious.

>     ACPI-0178: *** Warning: The ACPI AML in your computer contains
> errors, please nag the manufacturer to correct it.
>     ACPI-0181: *** Warning: Allowing relaxed access to fields; turn on
> CONFIG_ACPI_DEBUG for details.
> What does the AML warning mean?

It means that the ACPI BIOS contains some bugs, and the second warning
says that the warnings are being ignored (some sort of workaround).

> The ACPI IRQ Routing seems to work pretty good.

Yes, with the latest 2.6 kernels it is definitely rock solid for all
machines I know, even my VIA KT400 desktop machine that used to have a
lot of problems.

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