[ltp] Re: [ltp] Kernel panicking a bit too often on a TP 600E + other symptoms

Jakub Hegenbart linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 18 Nov 2003 09:23:10 +0100 (CET)

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Od (From): "Frank Schaeckermann" <p8f9oz9d02@sneakemail.com>
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Předmět (Subject): Re: [ltp] Kernel panicking a bit too often on a TP 600E + other symptoms
Datum (Date): 17. 11. 2003 14:32

> Jakub,
> just a wild guess... but it sounds like a thermal problem... can you =

> verify if the CPU fan is running? High X usage would produce more hea=
> than being in a console - thus longer working time in a console befor=
> failure.

The bottom of the machine gets a bit hot, indeed, and the NB case fan is a bit lazy compared to the only other IBM TP 600E I had the chance to work with. But this other machine also got quite hot with no problems and my machine is capable of crashing few minutes after booting without excessive CPU activity. I guess the heat could be accessary, if there's a bad RAM, the problem would surely worsen with higher temperature.

> I guess you'd be able to confirm hardware problems if it isn't workin=
> right under W2K either :-(

I performed 2 W2k install tries and both failed due to an STOP ERROR (one of them was IRQ_LESS_OR_EQUAL, the other one was different, I can't remember now). The machine was cold before switching it on. Maybe the long disk formatting (in W2k, alas, no quick format)...since I've still managet to get past formatting, I'll try to skip that and I'll see. 

> Maybe you could download the Maintenance Manual from www.pc.ibm.com t=
> figure out how to open the ThinkPad and maybe check the fan that way.=

> Frank

I've obtained 3 pdf manuals (Maintenace, User Guide, Tech Specs) even before I've ordered the machine, the same goes for TP600E&Linux compatibility...I like playing things safe :)

I'll try some experiments (except of the memtest86, which fails booting as i already wrote) and if they fail, I'll get the machine repaired. Whether it is memory problem, dysfunctional fan/fans + overheating or both, the warranty does cover it (except of HDD, which is completely OK, all moving parts - fans - should be new). 

Thank you all for your suggestions.

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